Orders are going out like normal! We are here for you!
Orders are going out like normal! We are here for you!
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About Us

Hi! My name is Mikaela Wall and I founded Fairlee Trade & Co. in 2018, with a simple desire to just do better when it comes to fashion. 


I remember learning about human trafficking in high school, and with a bit of research, finding out how deeply rooted this issue is within the fashion industry. 

The facts I found were earth-shaking. The Global Slavery index estimates 40 million people are living in modern slavery today, many of whom are working in the supply chains of western clothing brands. I couldn’t stand the thought of wearing something that could have been made by someone trapped in an abusive work environment or modern day slavery. 

In 2013, I began to research companies that were doing good with their products. I personally began to only buy from Fair Trade certified companies who were open and transparent about their employees' working conditions, companies that could prove that their employees were receiving fair wages and being empowered to live healthy and educated lives. 


Over the years of my personal endeavor to shop better, a desire to make this a possibility for so many others within my personal sphere of influence began to grow inside of me. A desire to help others find better solutions to living a better and more fulfilling life. Consumers are happier when we know that the product we are wearing is not only beautiful and trendy, but is creating a sustainable income for someone across the globe. 

We, as the consumer, have a huge say in what the market looks like. If we demand more, more, more, and cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, then the supply will meet the demand. Bad working environments will be turned a blind eye to, and human lives will, and have been, taken in the process. This is tragic. This is also historic. Just look at the prime example we find in the collapse of the Bangladesh factory in 2013, which killed over 1,000 garment workers.

Rana plaza complex collapsed (read the New York Times article

IF we as consumers demand better, choose to shop better, and refuse to support companies who are experiencing extreme wealth and growth through the misfortune and misuse of human lives, then these corporations will have to change their supply chain at multiple levels.

This is where we will see real change begin to happen in the fashion industry. 

We, as Fairlee Trade & Co., are here to do better. You get to be a part of the solution. We believe in a better world, where people care about WHO made their T-shirt, their earrings, their handbag.

Thank you for joining us, by choosing to #shopfairlee 



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