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New items are coming soon! Subscribe to our emails for updates! Thank you for continuing to support female entrepreneurs!
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Team India

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I am so excited to tell you a little more about the new pieces we have available in the store this summer!

Most of the new pieces come from India and are handmade by artisans that are extremely talented as well as very hard-working. The team is made up of over 6,000 women from four different Fair Trade artisans cooperatives around India. This is incredible! So many women are being employed and empowered through the work they do. And this isn’t just an ordinary job- 

  • Team India provides health insurance and educational scholarships for its artisans, directly investing in women's rights and social mobility.
  • They also work hard to help women break into the job market, providing community trainings on business and vocational skills to women of different experience levels. 

By providing women with health insurance, educational scholarships, and business trainings, Team India supports women’s development both socially and economically.  

Team India

Team India pays their artisans more than 2x the minimum wage in Delhi. Instead of earning 455 rupees or less per day, they are paid 800 or more rupees per day. This is something that YOU, as a consumer, play such an incredible role in. Your choice to shop responsibly increases the viability of workers all over the globe. I couldn’t be more excited about this. 


One of the many women that work with Team India is Sophia: 


Just a little background on Sophia: 

When she was a teen her father had an accident and became blind and was unable to work. Sofia found an opportunity working for a fair trade organization making jewelry. It is unusual for women to work outside the home, and Sofia faced a lot of disapproval from her family, but she was determined to help her family. She earned a living wage and was able to feed her family and pay her sisters' tuition fees, which brought her a lot of respect. Sofia was so empowered she started wearing pants, which was unheard of in her very traditional family. 

"The transition from being known as a street rat, a person of poverty, to a dignified, fair trade artisan-- it is an incredible feeling." -Sophia

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Wow! This story is so empowering and encouraging! I love the work that the Fair Trade market is doing to create freedom and mobilize people who once had little to no hope for a job or a living.

Additionally, Fair Trade jobs are proven to decrease the chance of some of the most vulnerable people from being trapped in human trafficking. When vulnerable people groups are empowered by Fair Trade jobs, they are able to live better lives, raise their children in school, and escape the terrifying reach of human trafficking. 


I just want to say a very personal thank you for supporting this brand and everything we stand by when you choose to #shopfairlee

-Mikaela Wall 


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