Orders are going out like normal! We are here for you!
Orders are going out like normal! We are here for you!
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The "Why" Behind Fairlee Trade & Co.

We believe that fashion is a very powerful tool that can (and will!) be used to either create positive or negative change. 

Retail stores across the US offer a huge assortment of fashion designs and labels, yet they offer little to no information about who is actually making their products. The consumer is purchasing blindly, and may be using the purchasing power to continue a vicious cycle in the fashion world: the unethical treatment of humans. 

Our founder, Mikaela Wall, and her younger sister, Moriah, took a trip to Haiti in 2014, where they met "some of the most amazing people." 


They also got to see firsthand the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere.

Statistically, the more impoverished the individual, the more susceptible one is to becoming trapped in human trafficking. Traffickers prey on the humans who are trapped in deep poverty because, sadly enough, they are the easiest targets.

"The thought of any one of the amazing humans we got to meet in 2014 being forced into sex or labor trafficking broke my heart. I also couldn't stand the thought of purchasing clothing (or shoes, jewelry, etc.) that could have been made by humans who were being forced into the labor and being paid little or nothing for it. This is where my quest first began to create an ethical and "Fair Trade" wardrobe for myself. Slowly but surely this seemingly simple quest morphed into a passion of mine, and in 2018, Fairlee Trade & Co. was born out of this very passion." (Mikaela) 


To learn more about Fairlee Trade & Co. and our founder you can check out this video. 

As humans, we can’t stand for (and support) the way other humans are being treated by unethical brands. It’s time we change this cycle. 

To anyone looking for a positive way to use their "fashion powers", we offer the solution. With products that rival top fashion lines in the US and around the world, we aim to create a positive solution for the ethically conscious consumer.

Whether you are an avid ethical consumer or are just beginning to take small strides towards becoming so, we just wanted to say thank you so much for choosing to #shopfairlee 

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